Preparation and Prosecution

Mr. Williamson has many years of experience and expertise in preparation and prosecution of patent applications across a wide array of fields and technologies. He takes pride in his ability to quickly grasp the concept and details of an invention. He will take the necessary time to work directly with you to make sure he understands your invention and is able to identify its novel features. He has the diverse technical background and experience necessary to prepare and prosecute patent applications in the following fields.

  • Mechanical Arts
  • Electrical Arts
  • Chemical Processes and Compositions
  • Computer Technology
  • Business Methods
  • Designs

George takes a determined approach to preparing and prosecuting patent applications in an effort to obtain the broadest patent protection available.

Patent Searches

The first step in the patent process is a proper, high quality patent search. Mr. Williamson will conduct a thorough patent search to find relevant prior art to help you decide whether or not to proceed with the preparation of a patent application. While you can search online for prior art, a proper professional patent search is usually the best way to find the closest prior art related to your invention.


Trademark Registration

In order to properly protect trademarks, it is becoming increasingly important that you register your trademarks and service marks in order to prevent other companies from adopting the same mark. Trademark registration provides important advantages to you including providing prima facie evidence of the validity of your claim to rights in the mark. This type evidence can be critical to, for example, stop infringers from infringing your trademark.

While trademark registration may seem relatively straight forward, there are numerous pitfalls for inexperienced applicants. Such pitfalls include correctly identifying the applicant and the goods or services, whether to register a word mark only or to include a logo version of the mark. Also, what is considered use in commerce may seem simple, but when approached incorrectly can add to the cost of registering a mark or increase the likelihood that registration will be refused. Relying on the experience of Mr. Williamson in searching and registering trademarks in a wide variety of industries can assist you in obtaining your trademark.

Trademark Searches

Just as with patent searches, it is usually best to do a proper, professional trademark search to uncover all related trademark registrations. While you can conduct an informal search, an in-depth search is usually best to find all marks related to your trademark. A proper, professional trademark search is more thorough and will locate not only United States federal registration records but also state registration records and in many cases common law users and international registration records.

International Practice

Foreign Patent Applications

Mr. Williamson is experienced at filing foreign patent applications through the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) and also directly in foreign countries. He has an established network of patent attorneys in many other countries so that he can coordinate the filing of patent applications in practically all foreign countries. Also, by means of these foreign patent attorneys, he can help his clients find legal assistance for handling related legal matters in many foreign countries.